New Library Additions

As I wrote at the end of the prevous post, I’m feeling more than a little fiber deprived at this point, while working on staining my home.  After spending a good deal of each day outside working on the house, I’m tending to fall asleep the moment I sit down. 

I solved my need for a fiber fix by checking out KnitPicks most recent book sale and ordering a DVD and two knitting books, the better to enjoy the upcoming winter.

I love Rita Buchanan’s “How I Spin” (2 DVD set), learned a number of new things from it, and being more than a little visual, appreciated the wool comb demonstration along with everything else on it.  They left me wanting MORE, much more, and I hope Rita and Interweave Press will bring us more of Rita and her work.

I’ve been noticing cowls in a couple of recent knitting magazines along with a free pattern courtesy of a Takhi ad that came to my Inbox.  My winter jacket has a short stand-up collar, which I like, but my neck is often cold, so when I saw the book “Cowlgirls,” I had to order it.  There are several I hope to knit, and now need to look into specific yarns, though I’m thinking a couple of them in handspun would be especially nice.

The third book, “Norwegian Patterns for Knitting,” was a must have due to my Norwegian heritage and memories of Mungnal, mother of one of my dad’s cousins, who told me long ago that she had knit over 100 Norwegian sweaters.  How I wish she were here now to teach me.  This book is likely beyond my current knitting skills, but when the time is right, and the urge becomes an obsession, I’ll try one of these beautiful sweaters.  Meanwhile, I can dream!

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