Latest Socks

About four days ago or so there was a pic of four pairs of socks, straight from the sock machine, shown laying on a loom bench. Here they are finished, toes closed, handwashed, air-dried on a wood drying rack, then lightly steamed, ready to be tagged. Left to right: “Bear in the Berries,” “Citrus,” and “Mallard.” These are all size Large (Women’s 8 1/2 to 9).

The fourth pair, “Foggy Morning” (grays) were on my feet this AM for the interview/taping. Late last year I’d made the same pair for myself and before I could wear them they were purchased by someone. So this AM, I slipped this newly made pair on for some comfortable treadling at the loom.

I took the rest of the day off today, so back to “work” tomorrow!

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