Like a Kaleidoscope…

I’m just back home from an overnight trip down to southern WI to attend a family funeral. Trying to keep myself entertained and alert on the five hour drive home, I started thinking more about what direction to take my weaving.

My mind was going over a wide range of possiblities, considering some, rejecting others. I had stopped at Joanne Fabrics in Wausau and was looking at a couple books, and all of a sudden, like the small stone chips in a kaleidoscope falling into place,… I suddenly knew what direction I wanted to take.

In the past I would wonder what weaving project to do next. There was no real focus, no real learning or study. My life during those years had a lot to do with that. One friend suggested I specialize in just one kind of weaving or weaving just one item. Sorry, that’s just not me! I knew I needed an area to focus in on yet needed it broad enough, flexible enough to give me some variety. My new-found focus will do that plus give me the learning and study I’ve been longing for.

Sorry, this is not a tease, but I’m just not ready to share specifics yet, I’m still
discovering the possibilities and how I can adapt it to the weaving I want to do.
It will show up here in good time. I’m just starting the information and supply list/gathering stage.

Meanwhile, I have a loom to get up and running, looms to warp, and a warp to finish which will be shared here. Right now, back to the looms, I’m in dire need of new photos to post here!

7 thoughts on “Like a Kaleidoscope…”

  1. Glad to hear that you have made your decision as to which way to go. 🙂 I, too, made a decision while we were on vacation and am planning to put it into gear starting tomorrow. I will be working on weaving, spinning, cranking, and hand weaving each day. Some days weaving will be done for a longer period of time, some days spinning….you get the picture. 🙂 Now to have it become routine! 🙂

  2. Best to keep plans to oneself until they really work for you. I find it dilutes the process if it is spread out! But I am also looking forward to hearing about how it is going! Nice new webpage btw!

  3. Mike, that sounds like an excellent plan to work more time for fibers into your days, and give you variety, too. I keep looking in on your blog to see what you're working on!Evelyn, that is what I thought, too. I need time to process these ideas and work it all into my life which is busy enough yet. I'm very excited about my plans, and will slowly work it in. In the meantime, other weaving needs to be finished, or done! Glad to hear you like the new look of the blog. I thought a change here would be nice, too. Enjoy your blog!

  4. What have I been waiting for? Kids to be grown and less hands-on on my part, more money for fibers, uninterrupted time. It would appear I'll have a long wait, so not waiting anymore. Still, like everyone else, life keeps on happening,… family issues, funnel cloud/tornado sighted so take cover while threading a loom (yesterday evening), income drops and bills go up, etc. Since the ideal circumstances are not yet coming my way, I'm moving ahead with my plans and dreams! One day at a time.

  5. Re: what are we waiting for…Yes to all of your answers, but eventually we have to jump in. I understand exactly what you were waiting for because I've done it myself. The saddest words I have heard were from my father, when at 87 and a VERY active life of horses, haying, etc, he was hospitalized. He said to me, "I hope this doesn't mess up my retirement." Words to remember!

  6. You are so right, Sherri, and that is why I am making these changes and starting right now. I've spent the past several years weaving and making socks to sell. People like my work, but I want to be happier doing it. I know some weavers are successful at this and enjoy it, but right now, it's just not for me. I imagine it's all tied in with the life changes that are happening around me, too. Instead of trying to hang on to what was, I'm learning to reach out more to "what ifs."

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